Running session between Nice and Monaco with a sports trainer

Why do muscle building exercises ?

With such a diversity and beauty of the landscapes, how to resist the pleasure of walking the seaside or the paths of the hinterland of Nice during running races. Excellent for heart rate, for muscle building or for losing weight, running is more and more popular with neophytes, like the most experienced athletes.

Running with a sports coach will allow you to progress faster and adopt the right postures. Jean-Pierre Sola, sports trainer at Terre d´Azur Sports, gives you lots of advice throughout your jogging on your pace, your stride or your breathing. To find out more about running sessions, contact your personal trainer.

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Benefits of individual running sessions

By coaching you during your running sessions, Jean-Pierre Sola, sports trainer in Nice and Monaco, concocts personalized and progressive programs of physical conditioning and training for endurance sports.

Trainer of triathlon and professional sportsmen, he helps you to reach your objectives, to improve your performances by adopting the right technical gestures.

By practicing running regularly, you will improve your physical condition, your breathing capacity, your endurance and your self-esteem. In addition to running, Jean-Pierre Sola offers you his services during Nordic walking sessions, swimming in open water or muscle building.

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