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Jean-Pierre Sola, home fitness trainer, passionate and graduate

Sports instructor in the army, then for a municipality and swimming instructor, Jean-Pierre Sola undertook a professional retraining a few years ago in order to help and support sportsmen, professionals or amateurs, to achieve their objectives , by creating the Terre d'Azur Sports structure.

He therefore offers his services for high-level physical preparation before a sports competition, during a break or for a post-injury return.

By becoming a physical trainer at home and a triathlon trainer, Jean-Pierre Sola has made his passion his profession and fully flourishes as a personal trainer. Each athlete being different, so is each individual session. No routine and no boredom for this sports enthusiast, motivated by human contact and the transmission of knowledge of sports in which he is an expert: muscle building, running, Nordic walking, swimming and swimming in open water.

To find out about all the services offered by your sports trainer on the French Riviera, contact Jean-Pierre Sola.

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Why use a privatecoach ?

Today, there is a general awareness of the importance of playing sports, its benefits on the body, mindand health, without necessarily knowing all the basics.

Using a private coach, a physical trainer, allows you to adopt the right positions so as not to hurt yourself, to stay motivated, not to give up from the first pulling and to keep a good intensity during these sessions. personalized sports.

Whether it is high-level physical preparation or individualized sports coaching, Jean-Pierre Sola, private coach between Nice and Monaco, helps you achieve your goals, whether it be improving results and of physical performance, weight loss, muscle building and body toning.

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Physical preparation combined with good nutrition

Good nutrition is essential for good sports performance. Hence the importance of following a healthy and varied diet which provides the nutrients necessary for intense sports practice.

This is why, Jean-Pierre Sola, physical trainer at home, works in partnership with a nutritionist and dietitian in Nice, Karine Persico, who will be able to bring you personalized dietetic advice, depending on your physical activity, your goals, your age and your build.

C’est pourquoi, Jean-Pierre Sola, préparateur physique à domicile, travaille en partenariat avec une nutritionniste et diététicienne sur Nice, Karine Persico, qui pourra vous apporter des conseils diététiques personnalisés, en fonction de votre activité physique, de vos objectifs, de votre âge et de votre corpulence.

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Jean-Pierre Sola's qualifications, training and experience

  • Holder of a state certificate of sports educator
  • Sports instructor training (Ecole Interarmée des Sports de Fontainebleau)
  • Fencing instructor diploma
  • Lifeguard diploma
  • Obtaining two qualifications in Fitplak and Handifitness

Professional background of your sports trainer

  • Military sports instructor
  • Sports trainer
  • Lifeguard Master
  • Swimming club coach
  • Founder of Terre d'Azur Sports