Muscle strengthening

Physical trainer for muscle building on the French Riviera

Following an injury, pregnancy or stopping your sports activity, your body may need good muscle building.

The personalized programs of Jean-Pierre Sola of Terre d'Azur Sports, physical trainer at home in Nice and Monaco, allow you to reach your goals, whether it is weight loss, increase in muscle mass or toning your body.

Your private coach multiplies exercises, squats, lunges, pull-ups, dips and other bench presses, in order to make you work your entire body : muscles of the arms, legs, back and abdominals.

Your gentle trainer can also offer you gentle gym or pilates classes. Ideal activities to maintain your muscular and articular systems, as well as your breathing, using balloons and elastics. For more information, contact Jean-Pierre Sola, sports trainer on the French Riviera.

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Why do muscle building exercises ? 

Muscle toning is recommended for all people who want to improve their muscle tone and feel better about themselves. Thanks to exercises performed with your own body weight or suitable equipment, such as rubber bands, Jean-Pierre Sola, sports coach in Nice and Monaco, helps you improve your muscle tone without the need for bulky weight machines. Besides, an undeniable physical improvement, the benefits of muscle building are numerous at the general level of health:

  • Injury prevention and improved posture
  • Bone strengthening to prevent osteoporosis
  • Anti-aging effect thanks to the fight against the decrease in muscle size and loss of strength
  • Fat loss

Building muscle can just as easily be combined with other sports, such as swimming, open water swimming, running or Nordic walking. More information by contacting Jean-Pierre Sola, your private coach in Nice.

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