Swimming lessons for children at home in Nice and Monaco

In addition to obvious safety issues, teaching your child how to swim is crucial. A complete and healthy sport, swimming will allow him to feel perfectly at ease in the aquatic environment, not to panic and to adopt the right gestures in the water.

Professional swimming instructor, holder of a Lifeguard diploma, Jean-Pierre Sola from Terre d´Azur Sports works at home, between Nice and Monaco, for swimming lessons for children from 4 years old.

For a successful and secure learning of your child's swimming, trust the professionalism of Jean-Pierre Sola who, thanks to learning techniques and water games, gets very good results quickly.

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Swimming lessons for adults on the French Riviera, techniques and benefits

Because it's not just children who need to learn to swim, Jean-Pierre Sola offers home swimming lessons for adults. Learn to learn the basics of swimming and improve the techniques of the different swimming techniques : breaststroke, crawl, butterfly and backstroke.

These private home swimming lessons for adults are aimed at both beginners and more experienced athletes, who seek to improve their sports performance, endurance and swimming time in anticipation of competition, like a triathlon.

To find out about all the services offered by your triathlon coach and trainer, contact Terre d´Azur Sports in Nice, Côte d´Azur.

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Why take swimming lessons with a sports coach ?

- Overcome your fear of water
- Simply learn to swim
- Perfect yourself in other strokes and improve your technique
- Enjoy the benefits of swimming at the joint, cardiovascular and respiratory levels
- Develop your endurance to swim longer
- Prepare an event such as a triathlon, with Jean-Pierre Sola
- Burn calories, tone your body and strengthen your muscle mass.

Benefits similar to those of other sports offered by your sports coach, such as open water swimming, water aerobics, running or Nordic walking.

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