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A gym teacher and swimming instructor, it seemed obvious to Jean-Pierre Sola of Terre d´Azur Sports to combine these two activities into one : water aerobics. This is why your sports trainer offers aquagym lessons at home on the French Riviera and travels with all the necessary equipment.

Whatever your age and your physical condition, your private coach varies the aquagym exercises and their intensity, in order to work the whole of the muscles and to avoid monotony during the private aquagym lessons.

Do you have osteoarthritis, muscle pain, or are you slowly recovering from an injury ? Personalized home aerobics classes can help you feel better. To find out more, contact Terre d´Azur Sports between Nice and Monaco. As a group or with friends, you can benefit from preferential rates for your group water aerobics classes.

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Aquagym class on the French Riviera : undeniable benefits for the body

Thanks to the feeling of weightlessness and floating in water, water aerobics is considered a gentle physical activity that is safe for the joints. With regular water aerobics, you tone your body, you soften your movements and you participate in general muscle strengthening. There are many benefits of personalized water aerobics :

Grâce au sentiment d’apesanteur et de flottaison dans l’eau, l’aquagym est considérée comme une activité physique douce et sans risque pour les articulations. Avec une pratique régulière de l’aquagym, vous tonifiez votre corps, vous assouplissez vos mouvements et vous participez à un renforcement musculaire général. Les bienfaits de cours d’aquagym personnalisés sont nombreux :

  • Stimulation of blood circulation
  • Whole body stretch
  • Strengthening and improving the cardiorespiratory system
  • Increase in strength and endurance, improving sports performance
  • Posture correction, to reduce back pain
  • Helps in relaxation

Home aerobics classes can be done in addition to other sports activities offered by Terre d´Azur Sports in Nice and Monaco, such as swimming, running, Nordic walking or swimming in open water.

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