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Do you live in or around Nice and want to resume physical activity in the company of a personal and professional trainer ? Do you want to sculpt your body or just take time to regain well-being and vitality ? Why not try Nordic walking with Jean-Pierre Sola, sports trainer at Terre d´Azur Sports on the French Riviera, specialist in this fast walk from Finland.

Physical activity recommended to work almost all the muscles of the body gently, Nordic walking can be practiced at any time of the day or season. Another undeniable advantage : Nordic walking does not require any special equipment. Only bring breathable clothing, a hat or cap, light shoes suitable for walking (running or trail shoes), and walking sticks.

To find out more about Nordic walking, contact your fitness coach in Nice 06.

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Physical requirements and benefits of Nordic walking on the French Riviera

As a perfect connoisseur of the trails and coastline of the French Riviera, Jean-Pierre Sola, your coach, you will discover magnificent landscapes and viewpoints. By practicing Nordic walking, you will combine natural tourism and physical activity.

Because yes, Nordic walking is an intense physical activity. They are considered to need high energy expenditure, 20% more than the traditional walk, and it provides many physical benefits to its practitioners:

  • Reduction of tension and back pain
  • Increased mobility of the spine and flexibility of the body
  • Improvement of respiratory capacity and cardiac function
  • Increased oxygenation of the brain

This simple and effective activity can be supplemented by the practice of an aquatic sport, such as swimming or aquagym, or by muscular strengthening sessions.

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