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Lack of time or motivation? Taken by time-consuming daily? Stop making false excuses. No time to go to your gym, it's your physical trainer who comes to you. Jean-Pierre Sola of Terre d´Azur Sports, physical trainer at home in Nice and its surroundings, offers muscle building sessions, running, Nordic walking, swimming lessons or aquaerobics sessions.

Whatever your age or your physical condition, your sports trainer willpreparea personalized training program for you, according to your needs and expectations and the goals you have set.

Specializing in the preparation of athletes, triathletes for Ironman and young students for competitive sporting events, Jean-Pierre Sola, private coach, works in Nice and Monaco, and throughout the Alpes-Maritimes department for individual sports sessions and duo, as well as for group sessions.

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A personalized home fitness program

During the first session, your physical trainer meets with you to find out your expectations and objectives. Jean-Pierre Sola, physical trainer at home, can then schedule perfectly adapted and personalized sports sessions, according to your needs, your physical condition, your sports preferences and your age.

During home sports sessions, your coach travels with all the equipment necessary for your training: trampolines, rubber bands, balls, Fitball,swimmingequipment, and of course, a good dose of dynamism and motivation.

To find out more about the physical activities offered by Jean-Pierre Sola of Terre d´Azur Sports, contact your personal trainer in Nice and Monaco.

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Accueil - Terre d'Azur Sports
Accueil - Terre d'Azur Sports
Accueil - Terre d'Azur Sports

Objective: improvement of physical condition and mental well-being

By seeking the services and support of a physical trainer, between Nice and Monaco, you are looking for tailor-made care, a fully personalized program, which aims to improve your general condition.

  • Physical and mental well-being, energy improvement
  • Development of open-mindedness, self-confidence and motivation
  • Getting back into shape
  • Weight loss, slimming
  • Release of tensions, mental disconnection
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

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Your physical trainer offers many physical activities :

  • Muscle building and gentle gym
  • Nordic walking, a sport that allows overall muscle strengthening while discovering the magnificent landscapes of the French Riviera
  • Running : beautiful jogging along the Mediterranean coast or in our hills
  • Aquatic activities : swimming lessons, open water swimming courses and aquagym sessions
Accueil - Terre d'Azur Sports


1 individual session 1 hour 50€
10 individual sessions Validity 3 months From 400€
10 group sessions Validity 3 months 2 people 300 €/people
3 people 250 € /people
4 to 6 people 150 € /people

You must plan at least 1 SESSION of training per week. The ideal would be 2 sessions per week, it all depends on the goal you have set.

Accepted methods of payment : Cash, Checks, Paypal

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